Chinese MAX war: Asus Zenfone Max VS Huawei P8 Max VS Vivo X5 Max VS LeTV One Max

Nowadays, many manufacturers will create some┬áversions or variants for their flagship smartphones to bring people more choices and also to “emphasize” their new products. The ones that are usually used are NOTE, PRO, MAX and PLUS. If we have already had the NOTE and PRO war, why don’t we continue with the MAX battle? It is such a great idea ­čśÇ . So, let’s get started!

Vivo, ASUS, Huawei, and LeTV to join the Chinese MAX BATTLE – The winner is…


As usual, we begin with the specifications comparison to see if they are the same kind of variant (MAX) but different in terms of specs.

max war

Actually, they are very different from each other!

Vivo X5 Max is proud of being one of the slimmest phones in the world and also in this battle. Though we do not know the dimensions of ASUS ZenFone Max, ASUS does not have the tradition of making thin devices. Then, X5 Max is still the champion in the thickness comparison.

Basing on the specs and prices, we can classify them into 3 main groups. In general, we would want to put ASUS ZenFone Max into the mid-range phone group, Vivo X5 Max into the upper-middle range and Huawei P8 Max plus LeTV One Max into the high-end one.

What we notice immediately is that 3 out of 4 use chips from Snapdragon while only Huawei P8 Max uses their own processor, produced by Huawei and just as strong as the latest one of Qualcomm (Snapdragon 810). That somehow makes P8 Max stand out, right?! Among the Snapdragon chipsets, SD810 is the most powerful but it has been reported to have heating issue for several times.

As for the RAM capacity, LeTV One Max beats all thanks to its 4GB RAM, the strongest one on the market now. Furthermore, LeTV also sports the best rear camera (capable of 21MP), promising to bring you extremely beautiful shots. However, One Max does not do very well at battery. It is ASUS ZenFone Max that get the first place here. 5,000mAh is a wonderful number for most smartphone users since they do not want to charge their handsets so many times. Good job, ASUS!

But, in terms of ┬ádisplay, ASUS is the worst (just in this war ­čśë ) when boasting only HD resolution. The best one belongs to LeTV One Max with Quad HD (aka 2K) and the others are good enough with Full HD.

Overall, LeTV One Max can be considered as the best MAX smartphone not only in today’s┬ápost but also one of the best on the shelves this year. Yet, it means that we cannot avoid an expensive price to come along, which cannot make it a totally persuasive winner as well.

So, which one can be? VOTE for your babe and share with us your opinions ­čÖé .