Bluboo D1 coming with dual cameras both front and rear!

Dual camera design is becoming the newest trend with many Android makers joining the race. One of them is the Bluboo D1 with dual cameras on both front and rear.

Bluboo D1 coming with dual cameras both front and rear!

Bluboo D1: Dual Cameras, 4K Recording

The trend for dual camera phone is intensifying. But so far, not a single device has done what the Bluboo D1 did. Bluboo D1 is the first smartphone to come with not just dual cameras on the back, but also a combo of 2 cameras on the front. According to many rumors, major players like Samsung and Huawei are also working on dual front camera phones, so it’s logical that smaller manufacturers join the game as soon as possible.

In terms of Bluboo D1 cameras, the phone comes with a total of 4 shooters on two sides. The rear camera sensors offer 21MP resolution with one camera focuses on capturing RGB while the other being monochromatic with a higher contrast. It’s also rumored that the rear cameras will come with optical zoom and support 4K recording.

Bluboo D1 coming with dual cameras both front and rear!

The front dual camera sensors are pretty impressive too. Bluboo D1 comes with dual 16MP resolution front cameras, capable of creating depth of field and bokeh effect. In addition the selfie cameras will feature a special optimized “face-beauty” mode and wide-angle shots, which can easily satisfied any selfie addict.

Bluboo D1: When Will We See It?

All the spec information above is still rumors, but the existence of the phone is real. However, the brand has not specified a release date yet, due to the phone is still being developed. But as more leaks are coming out every few days, we should get to see the Bluboo D1 soon. But regardless Bluboo are working pretty fast on releasing the D1 model soon so we should expect more solid information to surface through their official website.