Better Phone Photography – Tips

Smartphones are replacing more and more classic digital cameras. However, the best camera is useless if users don’t know how take good photos. That’s why we want to show you some tips for better phone photography.

Better Phone Photography - Tips

Tips for Better Phone Photography

Let’s start with our first tip: you should shoot from different angles and not only frontal. Try to take pictures from above or hold the phone at an angle to bring some exciting effects into the photo. Next, a very common problem are blurred photos. In order to avoid those bad pics, you should hold your smartphone always with both hands as far as possible while taking a picture.

Thirdly, if a photo motif is too far away, you should go nearer to it if possible and don’t zoom with your phone camera, because zooming with your mobile device causes pixilation. Take a picture from a short distance as possible. This will ensure that your photos don’t become distorted or pixelated. Another tip for better phone photography is to snap several times and sort out all bad pictures afterward.

Better Phone Photography - Tips

Lastly, less is more: the simpler the picture composition, the more appealing is it for the viewer to look at a photo. Important details get lost in a large picture section. So, do not try to squeeze too many people, objects, and impressions on a photo. Did you know that? One motif per shot is often enough for a nice picture.

How to Get the Perfect Shot

If you follow the tips which we mentioned above, your snap can’t be ruined and you will definitely get impressive shots of your meal, your wedding or even of your house. No matter what! Just try our tips and tell us what do think about them! Follow our Pricepony webpage to get more information