Beijing is asking Apple to solve iPhones mysteriously turning off

Chinese iPhone owners are reporting that their iPhone 6 and 6s devices are abruptly shutting down, and Beijing wants to know why.

AppleApple is out of stock for of iPhone batteries in China

Recently, Various Apple users have been complaining about their iPhones shutting down. Although Apple promised a small part of the iPhone 6S free battery, it seems like both Apple authorized stores and authorized repair shops are Out of batteries stock. Apple device users need to wait a week or even more than two months to replace their useless batteries. In addition, the complaints have led the China Consumers Association, a consumer watchdog group affiliated with China’s State Council, to send a letter to Apple demanding an explanation.

The incident marks another blow to the hardware company as its glory days in China begin to fade. It was since November 20, Apple released a statement saying that any iPhone 6s accident shutdown will have a free replacement battery service. However, many Apple mobile phone users have reflected the abnormal shutdown problems, this means that it is problem which includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. There are also many users and users that their mobile phone in the free range of the battery, but to the official outlets and authorized repair shop, were told the battery out of stock.


Here is what was said by an angry Apple user (Ms. Wang)”In order for me to change the battery of my iPhone 6s, I went to two outlets and an authorized store, all 3 said that they were out of stock. I was told to wait because Apple’s battery solution was not resolved yet”. Apple sales have been lagging in China—the country has dropped from its second-largest market in revenue to its third largest.

Apple is facing a bad maintenance 

Meanwhile, the Chinese government appears eager to see the company’s fortunes fade in the country. Apple shut down its iBooks and iTunes movie store in China this year. if you have something to say regarding this issue ! comment below.