ASUS Z1 Titan VS HTC One M10: 2016 flagship competition

We have 2 smartphones attracting much people’s attention recently: ASUS Z1 Titan and HTC One M10. They’re very promising products for both companies’ success in 2016. But, what if they’re about to compete with each other?


ASUS Z1 Titan VS HTC One M10: Flagship vs Flagship

Firstly, let’s talk about display. HTC One M10 specs will include a 5.9-inch Super AMOLED screen with 4K resolution while ASUS Z1 Titan specs will pack a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED 2K one. Obviously, the Titan’s size is smaller and the display resolution is lower than those of One M10. But note that 2K is already so great for a phablet and with such a huge 4K screen, M10 is expected to show things in a very detailed and gorgeous way.

For other specs such as processor, Z1 Titan is likely to be powered by 6GB RAM, 256GB ROM, and a Snapdragon 830 chip. Meanwhile, M10 is run by 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM, and a 12-core chip (whose brand’s still unknown). At those points, we have to say that the Titan seems more advanced than its rival, but when it comes to battery life, we have to say the M10’s absolutely the winner thanks to its much more impressive 6,200mAh cell compared to the Titan’s 3,500mAh one.

htc one m10

As for the camera, the M10’s main one is capable of 20 megapixels and the front cam is 8 megapixels, which is a perfect combo for those who love taking photos. And once again, HTC One M10 is able to beat the ASUS phone since Z1 Titan just sports a 16MP rear snapper with a dual LED flash plus a 5MP selfie one.

ASUS Z1 Titan VS HTC One M10: Price and availability

In general, both ASUS Z1 Titan and HTC One M10 have their own advantages. So, how about prices? It is predicted that HTC One M10 price is around $500 and ASUS Z1 Titan price is around $400. So, which one do you prefer? Share with us your feeling and opinion!