Asus Z1 Titan VS Asus Ecchellon X One: 4GB RAM VS 6GB RAM beast battle

Asus Z1 Titan VS Asus Ecchellon X One are 2 powerful 4GB RAM beasts by one of our favorite smartphone producers. Under those attractive and unique designs, there are awesome and impressive specs.

asus Z1 Titan VS Asus Ecchellon

Asus Z1 Titan VS Asus Ecchellon X One features

One thing Asus Z1 Titan VS Asus Ecchellon have in common is their powerful processor and RAM to boost smooth performance. Asus Z1 Titan is a 6GB RAM gaming beast, while Asus Ecchellon sports strong a 4GB of RAM. For your max storage of files, apps and favorite media, both mobiles offer huge internal memory spaces: 256GB VS 128GB respectively. These features make both smartphones perfect choices if you are either a heavy gamer or a keen user who need a vigorous mobile.

Other Asus Z1 Titan specs include a handy 5.5 inch display, 3,500 mAH battery, Snapdragon 830 chip set. There is also a 16MP/5MP camera duo in case you like taking photos, and  4 speakers to bring you the best sound quality. The rest of Asus Ecchellon specs offer the same 5.5 inch screen, another 3,500 mAH battery, and 16MP/8MP camera duo. One special thing we spotted from this Ecchellon is that, the right corner of the smartphone can be removed to insert microSD and SIM card slots.


For now, both Asus Z1 Titan VS Asus Ecchellon X One are still render designs. However, exciting as they appear to be, both smartphones have very high chance of going through mass production by the company. While waiting for further information about the release of Asus Z1 and Asus Ecchellon, many gamers and Asus fans still can’t get enough of these amazing monster smartphones.

Asus Z1 Titan VS Asus Ecchellon X One: beyond awesome

Recent smartphones are being launched with stronger and stronger specs to meet up with increasing demands by users. Since Asus has always been famous for their qualified products with very reasonable prices, we can make sure that these 2 beasts will be super competitive compared to their rivals in the market. Let’s hope Asus will launch them soon, maybe around late 2016-early 2017