Apple iPhone 8X VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 4GB RAM, Dual 16MP cam…

A battle is coming. The ones getting to the stage are Apple iPhone 8X beast vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with 4GB RAM, Dual 16MP cam, and Android 8.0. The winner? Just read the end of this article!

Apple iPhone 8X beast vs
Apple iPhone 8X beast vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specs

To begin the battle, let’s compare the performance and memory of two phones. In details, the Apple iPhone 8X specs come with a 6.0-inch Super OLED touchscreen. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge specs include a Super AMOLED, with 5.5-inch in size. Next, for the hardware, the Apple iPhone 8X flagship takes power from Apple A11 Fusion chipset. And Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset is what the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge handset has to work. Well, it seems like the Samsung brand is a little behind its opponent, don’t you think?

Talking about ROM, the Apple iPhone 8X handset is available with three choices: 128/256/512GB, together with 4GB RAM (no extra). Coincidentally, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge player also offers 4GB RAM and three ROM variants, but only 32/64/128GB. However, the Samsung phone supports 256GB of the external storage. In term of the OS, the Apple flagship runs on the latest iOS 11 while the Samsung device has Android Marshmallow 6.0 (upgradable to Nougat 7.0). By far, the Apple phone is continuing winning.

Apple iPhone 8X beast vs
Now, about the photography tools and battery, the Apple iPhone 8X camera sports a Dual 16MP + 12MP primary and an 8MP secondary. In the meantime, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera carries a 12MP rear shooter and a 5MP selfie camcorder. For the energy stations, Apple iPhone 8X battery life is 3000mAh. Besides, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cell is a Li-Ion 3600mAh nonremovable. Apparently, the Samsung handset has won in term of battery capacity, and the Apple device rules the camera side.

Apple iPhone 8X beast vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price

Regarding Apple iPhone 8X price, it starts at RM. 3861 (about $920). The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge price is from RM. 2816 ($671). Well, we can see that the Samsung brand has more cost advantages. It seems like both phones have their pros and cons. Could you pick the champion for us?