A OnePlus One burned and OnePlus team refused to exchange for a new one

Recently, a piece of bad news related to OnePlus One has been announced. A man named Ankur Dugar living in New Delhi was the one having this unpleasant experience. Reportedly, at 2 a.m. (Indian time), Dugar had his OnePlus One 64GB version plugged in bedside him on the bed as usual. Unfortunately, at around 9 a.m., a smell of fire woke him up and immediately, he recognized that the OnePlus One was on fire. It sounds horrible!

With no hesitation, Dugar threw the phone off the bed and thought what if he had not gotten up in time. Just like him, we feel scared to imagine what would have happened when looking at the pictures of the remainder.

Not long after that, Dugar called the local OnePlus customer care team and got the instruction of “Go to (the) service centre, if your replacement is approved, you’ll get a replacement.” However, things did not turn out to be what he expected. OnePlus refused to exchange the broken smartphone for a new one. The reason has been unknown to us, but according to many people, there can be a possibility that the phone was not naturally burnt because of the mistakes originated from itself. This reminds us of the Samsung Galaxy S III story in 2012.

In June, 2012, a Samsung Galaxy S III was also burned and then taken back to where it was bought. Nonetheless, they were so suspicious that they had to send it to Samsung. Of course, Samsung had a way to find out things. They asked a third party fire investigator to examine the burnt machine and the truth was unveiled. Specifically, a friend of the Samsung Galaxy S III user had dropped the phone in the toilet and wanted to make it dry by putting it in a microwave.

Back to our story, we cannot tell anything for sure now but wait for OnePlus’s explanation in the near future!