7 of top headphones so far in 2016

Headphones have become an essential handset of all the music lovers. There are a hundred of headphones out there with many difference from the look to the sound quality. Here is our list of 7 best headphones so far this year.

7 of top headphones for May, 2016

1. Harman Kardon CL Precision On-Ear Headphones

Harman Kardon has recently made a big push into the headphone market with a new model which is the Classic, or CL. This is a very striking-design model. The headphones have a modern and an old-school double headband and square earcups. The top part of the headband is made of metal. And that metal piece has two sizes, you can easily exchange the large one with the small one for better personal fitting. This design is industrial yet elegant. This CL includes a mic and controls for your iOS device.


The CL have a warm, well balanced sound signature . It’s rich, clean and clear across the board. The CL sound is deeply bold, especially the Bass, and it can pulsate a great thudding low tones. If you’r a fan of heavy tracks, the CL is a desirable headphones. Mid tones are detailed and clearly heard, while the high tones are bright and outstanding. The CL makes you feel that you’re listening to live music. The CL is a very comfortable pair to wear for more than an hour of continues listening. The CL price is about at $200.

7 of top headphones for May,2016


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