5 weird Google patents that you may not know yet!

Google is not only about searching! Besides Android – the most popular OS nowadays, Google has invented lots of other things and has actually received patents for those inventions. Today we’ll show you 5 weird Google patents that you may not know!


1. Smart Teddy Bear

First up on this list of weird Google patents, we have Smart Teddy Bear. The name sounds weird already! in 2012, Google came up with an idea of a Smart Teddy Bear. According to the patent of this product, the Smart Teddy Bear is reported to be able to listen to all of your talks and observe all of your actions. In order to do that, this Teddy Bear must be equipped with speaker, video recorder and sound recorder.


According to Tech Insider, this project was carried out to create a nanny robot in the appearance of a teddy bear! However, this project was canceled and up to now there’s no further information about Smart Teddy Bear. I guess the reason is that the Teddy Bear is really… creepy and leaving children with a robot is not a safe choice at all!

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