5 Things we want from Galaxy Note 5 at launch date

Tomorrow is a big day for Samsung fans as well as those who are caring about their new flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 5! Before we see it in person, let’s do a round-up of 5 things we want from Galaxy Note 5 at launch date!

Galaxy Note 5 at launch date

1. MicroSD Card for more space of private things

In the past few weeks, there has been a heated debate around the Galaxy Note 5 expandable storage. We wondered if  the device has a microSD card slot or not. Some leaks said that the whole machine would be designed with a metal unibody and a non-removable rear panel, which means it is hard to set a slot for the microSD card. However, not long after that, we received another piece of news from Taiwan telling us there would be an extra microSD card slot. If that is the case, phones users will have more space to store their favorite pictures, music, movies, etc.

2. Removable and big battery

On the other hand, as we mentioned, if the back panel is not able to be removed, the battery is likely not to be movable, either. That’s not what the Samsung Galaxy Note series is famous for. It is known to have a removable, big cell to meet the needs of users. So far, we have heard the rumor that Note 5 will pack a 3,000mAh batt. Yet, is it enough for the phone equipped with many top specs?

We really hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will sport an expandable storage and a huge battery!

3. Beautiful dress – I mean the design!

This is obvious that Samsung has made a lot of improvement in the design. They gradually turned from the plastic cover to the metal one. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are so pretty, that we think that Note 5 will be even more beautiful! Well, besides the alloy coat, what else do you want Note 5 to have for its dress?

4. Additional version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Actually, the possibility for this to happen is high. We used to have the duo of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note edge. Therefore, maybe Samsung will do it again, bringing us another duo of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Note 5 edge, or who knows, there could be a Note 5 Mini version this time. Consumers will have more options, depending on their own favorite.

5. Better combo of camera

The last one is based on our own opinion. Since Note 5 is a big phablet with a great display, we want to have a good combo of camera. Not only the rear but also the front shooter will be capable of high pixels, enabling us to capture wonderful photos wherever we are. If you remember, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sports a 16MP main plus an only 3.7MP selfie snapper. They are good enough, but still can be improved, right?!

Well, those are 5 things we are expecting to see in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 tomorrow. If you have any other wish, share with us!