5 reasons why smartphones are way better than laptops and tablets

A smartphone nowadays can do pretty much every and anything we want in our lives. More and more people are leaning into using a smartphone more than tablet and laptop, because of these 5 reasons…


1. Handy and convenient

A tablet or laptop can offer you more space with their big displays. However, these devices can not be as handy and portable as a smartphone. A smartphone, even for those whose screen measure 6 inch, can be easily kept in your pocket, bag, purse and hold in your hand comfortably anywhere and anytime. It gives you fast and easy access right at the moment you need.

2. Multi tasking with nice features

The next reason smartphones are winning over tablets and laptops is that, these mobile devices can operate almost any task you need to do from a bigger device. Pictures, emails, internet surfing, office documents etc. can be conducted via your 5-inch device. Plus, that 5-inch device even looks super cool and will not tire your hand from holding it for a long time. Did I mention you can play games, read, listen to music and watch videos, which are the activities that easily make your waiting time much more interesting and meaningful. Some people have made a very good comparison, saying your smartphone is like a Swiss Army knife that does a bit of everything and can replace most other heavy , bulky gadgets.


3. Connectivity

Smartphone is at first, a mobile phone. But beside working as a texting and calling machine, smartphones nowadays have internet connections under the forms of Wi-fi, hotspot and 3G (somewhere even experiencing 4G LTE and 5G in the near future). With this connectivity, you can be ensured to bring your little magical mobile device with you to any destination. It can work as your map (by activating GPS and Google maps), your compass, your advisers just by performing a few swipes.

4. Calling and text-messaging

Yes it can be easier to work with office documents, emailing and other typing-related tasks on a bigger machine like a tablet or laptop. But they can not perform calling and text-messaging (most of them can not). Like I have mentioned at number 3, a smartphone is a mobile phone first.


5. Easy and fun access to social media

With a smartphone, you can download all the fun apps to connect with friends regardless of the distance. With a smartphone, you can take photos, retouch and share immediately. With a smartphone, you can do voice chat, video call, and anything available free-of-charge on Play store.

These are 5 reasons why smartphones are winning over tablets and laptops. Share with us if you have any more convincing reason. Also share with us if you think a laptop/tablet is still better than a phone.