5 reasons why recent smartphones go WITHOUT microSD card slots

When we are going to buy a smartphones, there are many concerns around the specs of the smartphone. One of them is the storage expandable ability. We are still wondering why some famous brand, for example the Samsung brand, still doesn’t support the microSD card slot for some of its flagships.  So, now we will go through and see the reasons why many manufacturers intends to not equipe the MicroSD card slot for their handsets.

Cause Bad Performance

A MicroSD card is an external supporter that comes with the dissimilar types. So, it can be the reason that make your devices perform poorly and sometimes lags or crashes unpredictedly.

If there are ones who truely care about the great phone performance, they will pay more attention for choosing one high-end microSD card that will be appropriate with the handsets. However, not everyone concern about this section, they prefer choosing the cheap cards for their phones, and it will be harmful for the handsets.

Beautiful Style

We can see the similar point of all the beautiful thinnest smartphones that they do not support the microSD expansion. It can be easy to understand that expandable memory spec will cause a disadvantage for the elegant and nice outlook of the handsets. So, many brands are now try to reduce the expandable internal storage products. Beside that they still improve the smartphones’ memory quality and its impressive design for users.

Waste of Battery

As we have known that our smartphones need to spend power to operate any sections, even the microSD cards. It takes approximate 0.2mA for the microSD even during the stand by mode, but we did not notice about this part. In a long runs, the microSD card can affect the smarphone battery life significantly. Therefore, in the time when people are increasingly care about their battery quality, manufacturers do not want to let the microSD card create more worries.

Saving  Producing Cost

microsd card

In this current competitive market, technology brands are trying to give out the best prices for consumers. Then, elimination of the microSD card slots will low down the producing costs for the company. For users who only need the adequate storage for the basic need, they can have chances to buy an good device with better price and effient storage without the need of expansion memory.

Cloud Storage Solution

We are now can not only store our data on the extra microSD card but also keep them in the cloud storages. Somehow, the cloud storage still have the similar keeping data functions compared to microSD card. Some of the cloud storages have the really close connection with the device manufacturers. So, this will be the smart business because of the monthly fee that consumers will pay for the cloud storage.