5 of the strongest smartphones with 10-core chips and above

As we know, the more cores a phone’s chip has, the more powerful it can be. Then, here are 5 powerful handsets with at least 10-core processors. Check them out now!

strongest smartphones

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 6

According to Patently Mobile, Samsung is going to turn their coming Galaxy Note 6 into a laptop in the shape and size of a smartphone when the device is put in a dock. Therefore, the smartphone will probably pack a touchpad, keyboard and a specially processor having 10 cores or more. So, we can understand that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be a device sporting a size of a tablet (smartphone + tablet = phablet) and working under the patent of a laptop (phablet + laptop = phabtop). Cool, rite?!


strongest smartphones

On the other hand, some sources suggest that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs will include 6GB RAM and Android N OS, and maybe even a 5.8-inch Quad HD screen, a 12MP rear camera, 256GB ROM, and a Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 processor. Well, we’d hope the company will release more official information in the near future.


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