5 useful iPhone 6s tips: take full advantage of your device

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the iPhone 6s’ price cut, or maybe just want to learn more about this high-end handset, we are here to help you. Let’s go through 5 tips and tricks of Iphone 6s together!Iphone 6s tips

Iphone 6s tips: Adjust 3D touch sensitivity

3D touch is an obviously outstanding feature on the iPhone 6s. It would be a mistake if 6s users do not make us of that feature. However, if you’re finding it too easy or too hard to activate, you will need to adjust it. Navigating to Settings => Generals => Accessibility and then 3D Touch sensitivity will allow you to change how hard you need to press the screen before your iPhone registers a 3D Touch.Iphone 6s tips

Iphone 6s tips: Take a super fast selfie

Selfie has become an indispensable part in our daily life. In response, Apple has made it quicker and easier to take your own with the iPhone 6s. Thanks to 3D Touch functionality, things get simpler. To take a quick selfie without leaving your home screen, firmly push the Camera icon. You’ll be presented with a set of options. Click selfie and the phone will switch to the front-facing camera.

Iphone 6s tips

Iphone 6s tips: Peek and push

Ever wanted to check something, and then quickly return to what you were looking at before? iPhone 6s allows you to “peek” at content without fully opening it. For instance, if a friend sends you a web link, you can firm-press on it to bring up a card preview of the page, and then choose Open link, add to Reading List or Copy. The best thing about 3D Touch is its ability to let you peek at other apps without leaving the one you’re in. Iphone 6s tips

Iphone 6s tips: Bring photos to lives

Apple included nine new live wallpapers with the iPhone 6s, however, you can create your own live wallpaper. Live Photos, a new function that records a snippet of video before and after you take a picture. Just take any Live Photo from your camera, tap the share button, then select “Set as wallpaper”. To watch your live wallpaper move from the lock screen, just firm-press on the display.

Iphone 6s tips

Iphone 6s tips: Shoot in 4K

The iPhone 6s is capable of shooting 4K video, but it doesn’t do so by default. If you want to record clips in 4K, you’ll need to go to Settings then scroll down to Photo and Videos. Under the Camera heading, select Record Video, then make sure 4K at 30fps is ticked. However 4K video is going to take up more storage space than Live Photos. If 4K videos aren’t necessary to you, simply return to the menu and select a different setting.

Iphone 6s tips

Those are 5 noticeable Iphone 6s tips that we believe would help you enormously. We hope that you find them helpful. And, don’t forget to follow our page for further informative news.