4 BEST reasons for you to buy a phablet

Big phone, oversized smartphone, phablet, etc. are usually used to call a phone which “measure diagonally 5.5–6.99 inches (140–178 mm)”, but in the end, they are officially known as phablet. So, we guess because of such a big size, most manufacturers add “Note” to their products’ names such as Samsung Galaxy Note series and Xiaomi Mi Note series.


It does not seem like a device we can put in our pocket easily. Then, why should we buy it?

To answer the above question, we would like to list down 4 BEST reasons that may be convincing enough for you to buy a phablet 🙂 !

1. Bigger battery for longer battery life

Most people do not want their phones to end up charging after just some hours. Therefore, they usually look for a handset equipped with big battery like 4,000mAh and above. It will enable the machine to last more than 24 hours and even up to 3 or 4 days. And if the phone also feature quick-charging tech, that would be perfect. Normally, mobile makers try to give their phablets huge batts and today, we have some coming with 5,000mAh (Lenovo Vibe P1), 5,200mAh (Cubot H1), or 6,020mAh (Gionee Marathon M5).

2. Easier to use apps and type

In fact, the ways we see a phone has changed a lot recently. We no longer simply use it to make a phone call or text a quick message. We use it to enjoy life more. For example, we would want to view the photos we just took immediately, and adjust or add something to the pics to make it more beautiful, then share them with friends. Sometimes we need to read a file, search places, or want to watch a clip, play games in a break time, blah, blah, blah on our own phone, and let’s imagine, if the screen is bigger, we can see everything more clearly.

Moreover, with the added space, you type more easily for sure since the virtual keyboard will be definitely larger with wider buttons which lead to more accurate input. Don’t you think?

In addition, nowadays, some companies also create a stylus pen to come along with the phablet, so that you can write on it like writing on a paper (Samsung Galaxy Note can be a good instance 😉 ).

3. Two-in-one device

Of course, there has to be a reason related to price that will persuade you. A phablet with good specs will cost you as much as a high-end smartphone, but it can do the job of both a smartphone and a tablet. Therefore, why don’t we choose such a 2 in 1 device?

Say, many phablets from Chinese brands are gaining more fame also due to the this reason. Take ASUS ZenFone 2 to be a good case to examine. It is the world’s first phone to sport the powerful 4GB RAM, yet you do not have to cost an arm and a leg for the ASUS ZenFone 2 price.

4. Ease of Use

At this point, we would like to make it a bit more specific. Though modern technology has been able to produce smaller, thinner and lighter phones, there are some people who prefer heft and size to wrap their hands around. As a result, we assume that phablet is the right one if you are someone with larger hands, or just simply if you want enough space to hold your babe with 2 hands 😉 .

Well, those are the 4 reasons that can explain why phablets are becoming do popular and maybe you should have one 🙂 . Do you agree with our points of view?