10 year old found facebook bug, got $10,000

Facebook are now facing with many security problems. So, they are spending a lot of money to upgrade their security system. They reward cash prize for everyone who can find any facebook bug. Recently, a 10 years child had got $10,000 when he found the bug on Instagram. He is also the youngest hacker until now.

facebook bug

The youngest hacker until now

Facebook is a biggest social website in the world with high-quality security, but now, the users are facing with a lot of facebook security issues. As what we used to know, the Facebook’s youngest whitehat hacker is a boy named Helsinki. But now, there’s a 1o years child named Jani found a bug in Instagram that allows him to hack this app easily. This case make many people have a question: ” How can Facebook protect users accounts in the future?”.

As what we know, to confirm what he can do, this youngest hacker deleted a comment that the company made on a test account. “I would have been able to eliminate anyone,” Jani told, “even Justin Bieber.” What is happening? In respond, Facebook has revealed that the mistakes appeared in a private app that is difficult to check whether the user  deleting a comment was the same user who posted it. Besides, they will give $10,000 prize for whom can found any Instagram bugs.

facebook bug

When Jani gets Facebook bug report reward, he wants to use his prize money to buy football equipment and a new bicycle. He said that his dream is to become a security expert. With all things he can do now, we believe that Jani will make his dream come true.

The facebook bug bounty program

From Facebook bug bounty program, you will award facebook prize if you can find facebook virus or facebook bug. In last year, the program paid out $936,000, a very big number to bug hunters. The biggest social giant is trying to make itself up day by day. Now, tell us what do you think about Jani, a Facebook security expert with only 10 years old?