Vivo X6: 6-inch 2K screen, 4GB RAM and 1GB dedicated-graphics RAM

The beast of the beasts in this H2 of this year is about to show up! It is Vivo X6 equipped with so so many TOP SPECS and a special thing that will surprise you. Check out what it has and the reason why it has been able to stir up the mobile industry these days.


Vivo X6 Specs

Firstly, Vivo X6 is considered as a beast because it owns the first deca-core chip for smartphone in the world Helio X20, powering the phone together with the strongest 4 GB RAM at the moment. Other Vivo X6 specs include a 6-inch Quad HD screen, Force Touch tech, a 21 MP camera and a 4,000 mAh battery to be on-board. Wow, with just those features, the X6 is really a fantastic flagship of Vivo. They must have a big Vivo X6 launch event in the next days.

But they may not enough to surprise us, right?! Yes, they are not. The real interesting thing here is its 1GB RAM dedicated to graphics. This is the first time we have heard something like that and Vivo X6 is the first phone to do that.


Vivo X6 Price and Availability

Recenlty, Vivo has released a teaser for their phablet X6. In the picture, Vivo mentioned “fast”, which shows that the coming handset will have a super high productivity thanks to all the high-end specifications and especially the 1 GB of dedicated graphics RAM.

However, we have not received information related to the Vivo X6 launch as well Vivo X6 price yet. But, according to some sources, it is expected to be introduce in the next days. As for the price, we cannot say it will be affordable due to what we have known. The cost should be ranging from RM1,800 to RM2,800 or even more.


So, from what we are informed of the Vivo X6, it is a strong competitor for all the flagships on the market now. We can’t wait to make see which phones will surrender to the X6. What do you think?