Tips to Reset Security Lock on Xiaomi Smartphones

The following are 2 ways to reset security lock on Xiaomi smartphones. All because accidents happen, and you need help in unlocking you phone again.

reset security lock password on xiaomi

Internet connection needed to reset security lock on Xiaomi phones

There are cases when you can’t unlock your Xiaomi because of your own forgetfulness or your playful friends. We have two ways to reset the security lock on your Xiaomi. However, in order to apply them, you would need an Internet connection. In here Method 1 is used in case of an screen lock pattern, while Method 2 is used PIN password lock and screen lock patterns.

Method 1 is done through Google security question. Firstly, attempt to unlock your phone until a pop-over appears, where you can select “Forgot password”. Secondly, choose to answer the Google security question and select “Unlock”. After that, the screen will show “Yes”/”No” options. You can select “Yes” if you want to create a new lock, or select “No” if you don’t want to use a screen-lock.

reset security lock password on xiaomi smartphones

Method 2 is done through your primary Google account (Gmail account). Firstly, you need to have 5 attempts to unlock your phone and then wait 30 seconds. After that, select “Forgot password”. Next, proceed to sign into your Gmail account. After that, create a new screen lock (pattern/ password) and click “Continue”. Lastly, input the new screen lock to confirm and click “Continue”.

You can always reset security lock on Xiaomi phones with a Google account

The above are the two methods that you can easily reset security lock on Xiaomi smartphones. Things that you need to do to unlock your phone are: a Google account (Gmail account) and an Internet connection. We hope this article helped you with re-accessing your Xiaomi again! Google accounts connect well Android devices in general. They are really useful when you have problems accessing your phone.