LeEco Le Pro 3 VS OnePlus 3: 6GB RAM beasts

LeEco Le Pro 3 VS OnePlus 3: this is a tough battle between two 6GB RAM Chinese phones. Which one will be the winner? Let’s find out!

LeEco Le Pro 3 VS OnePlus 3

LeEco Le Pro 3 VS OnePlus 3: 6GB RAM phone battle

LeEco Le Pro 3 has just launched with 4 different versions: 4GB RAM+32/64GB ROM and 6GB RAM+ 64/128GB ROM. In the battle, we will take the 6GB RAM+64GB ROM version of this phone. First, let’s go to the processor of these phones. OnePlus 3 is powered by a (2×2.15GHz + 2×1.6GHz) quad-core SND 820 processor. LeEco Le Pro 3 also comes with a quad-core, however, it’s stronger with SND 821 chipset, and is clocked at 2.35GHz. Both devices pack 6GB RAM paired with  64GB of non-expandable inbuilt storage. So, for this round, LeEco phone wins.

For the camera, both handsets sport a 16MP primary camera and an 8MP selfie shooter. However, OnePlus 3 owns a 16MP main camera with f/2.0 and 2K video recording. Meanwhile, Le Pro 3 also has a f/2.0 16MP rear cam but with 4K video recording. The 8MP snapper of OnePlus phone comes with f/2.0 while Le Pro 3’s 8MP shooter is f/2.2. So, the main cam of LeEco handset will give you a better-quality video while the front cam of OnePlus 3 gives you better photos in the low light condition.

LeEco Le Pro 3 VS OnePlus 3

LeEco new flagship continues to defeat its rival with a 4070mAH battery life. OnePlus phone is backed up with a 3000mAH cell. The other OnePlus 3 specs and LeEco Le Pro 3 specs are quite similar. OnePlus 3 sports a 5.5-inch AMOLED Full HD display and runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 OS. These features on the LeEco flagship are 5.5-inch LCD FHD display and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS.

LeEco Le Pro 3 VS OnePlus 3: price battle

LeEco Le Pro 3 VS OnePlus 3: for specs, LeEco Le Pro 3 (6GB RAM + 64GB ROM version) seems to have an edge over OnePlus 3, with a stronger processor and a larger battery. So, how about the prices? LeEco Le Pro 3 price for this version comes at about $300 ~ RM. 1245. OnePlus 3 price is higher, it’s about $399 ~ RM. 1650. So, LeEco Le Pro 3 is the champion for the price battle.