BlackBerry Vienna: Next Android-powered BlackBerry generation

Do you still remember the Priv – aka BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone with the initial codenameBlackBerry Venice. Despite mixed response and feed backs from users ever since the Priv was launched, it seems like BlackBerry is working on a second Android smartphone: the BlackBerry Vienna.

BlackBerry Vienna

BlackBerry Vienna: 2nd Android smartphone with QWERTY keyboard

The BlackBerry Vienna’s first image was leaked recently, showing the signature QWERTY keyboard, looking quite similar to that of BlackBerry Passport or other common BlackBerry signature smartphones.

From what we see for now in the leaking images, BlackBerry Vienna seems to belong to the lower-end category, since it doesn’t feature the premium look like that of BlackBerry Venice, (or Priv). The rear bezels around BlackBerry Vienna are quite thick and we can easily spot 3 Android button just above the QWERTY keyboard. Rear and front cameras are very visible also.

Since this is just the very first leaks, I bet you also guess BlackBerry has no word announced about the Vienna for now. The company has not either confirmed the information, or revealed any further about the BlackBerry Vienna price and release date so we can have some expectation. But like we mentioned above, the BlackBerry Vienna is very possibly cheaper than that of the high-end BlackBerry Venice.

BlackBerry Vienna

BlackBerry Vienna: the death is not for now!

After BlackBerry Venice (Priv) price was unveiled, many users was not happy with the heavy tag compare to those specs the handset has to offer. Many even bitterly said that, the Priv will be the last device ever BlackBerry produced, and that we are about to see the death of this company. But it seems like the company is not ready to give up yet. If the BlackBerry Vienna turns out to be true an Android device (the smartphone OS everyone loves) with reasonable price for trendy specs, then I bet users everywhere will be more happy to welcome and support.

Stay tuned, we will update when we get any further information about BlackBerry Vienna.