Panasonic to launch the bendable battery

The Battery is an important feature to decide the thickness of smartphones. Recently, Panasonic has unveiled a supper slim battery, which is bendabe. Let’s take a look at this bendable battery. 

bendable battery

First bendable batteries from Panasonic

As you know, LG and Samsung are two first brands which are intending to make bendable smartphones. As you know, one of the most important features to make bendable devices is bendable battery. However, manufacturers met many difficulties to produce those batteries which can be bend and twisted. Surprisingly, from the recent report, Panasonic is working on a process to make bendable battery. This is a big hit for the future of bendable devices.

As Panasonic unveiled, there will be three models of bendable batteries with different sizes. The first model battery comes with 17.5 mAh capacity. The second comes with a larger capacity of 40 mAh. The last one sports a 60 mAh battery capacity. Especially, all of them measure at just 0. 55 mm of thickness. With this super slim design, these batteries could be bend and twisted easily.

bendable battery

If the bendable battery program of Panasonic comes for real, we’ll see a lot of bendable smart devices. For instance, they could be used in smart clothing, bendable screens for smartwatches, etc. As recent leaks, Panasonic is working hard to increase the flexibility and the safety of their batteries. Especially, they said to make these batteries thinner. The company is also intending to run mass production for bendable batteries.

Panasonic bendable – the launch date speculation

The idea of bendable battery is quite exciting; however, the company need a quite long time to bring these batteries to real life. Even when their products come to the market, don’t expect to see these batteries with huge capacities. Anyway, bendable batteries are reported to be launched at the end of 2017. What do you think about the Panasonic program?