Xiaomi Laptop confirmed, to launch 2016: 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD

Earlier rumors have suggested that, Xiaomi is trying to expand their product lines, planning their first laptop in 2016. Recently, Inventec, a Taiwanese manufacturing company has unveiled that they have started working on the Xiaomi Laptop.

Richard Lee, present CEO of Inventec, had an interview with the press and stated that his company is developing the first ever Xiaomi-made laptop, which is expected to be launched during the very first quarter of 2016. As a business partner, Lee shared that this movement is a very wise one, since Xiaomi is already growing strong in the smartphone industry with over 200 million users in and outside of China.

Xiaomi Laptop confirmed
Richard Lee – CEO of Inventec

All we know before about the Mi Laptop is just a leaked picture of a laptop device having the “Xiaomi” name on its screen. All we know up to now is still the same (:D) plus the confirmation from Inventec CEO.

Much supportive as Lee to the launching of this Xiaomi Laptop, he revealed that he is a bit concerned about the business strategy Xiaomi is planning this time. Usually, in order to be more competitive and attractive to users, Xiaomi will set a very affordable price and low revenue. Their target is to sell as many units as possible and gain more profits from selling accessories. Whether this would work with Xiaomi Laptop is still a question.

“I am not sure if the smartphone approach will be applicable to notebooks, but I expect Xiaomi’s entry into the notebook industry to bring something new to the market.” – Richard Lee

Xiaomi Laptop
Xiaomi Laptop leaked image with the logo on it

Xiaomi laptop will, of course, run on Microsoft Windows as its default OS. However, Xiaomi may even launch the device with its own Linux-based OS. Like Android, Linux is much more easier to customized.

Xiaomi Laptop
Picture source: Gizchina – Original and hoax renders

However, we already made our guessing about the upcoming device. We suppose Xiaomi laptop display will be a 15” screen at least. Xiaomi laptop may sport 500GB SSD internal storage. However, it would be nice if Xiaomi makes it for 1TB option. The device should have at least an Intel Core i5 as its processor. The last information we had included also 16GB RAM, but lets see on that part.