Windows Phone with the new amazing technology

Windows Phone may be not a popular choice when you want to have a phone at this time. However, the latest research project of Microsoft can change your mind. With this new technology, you may wish you had a Windows Phone on your hand.

Windows Phone with the new amazing technology

Windows Phone and a new touchscreen.

Microsoft came up with a new display technology which is still an experiment. This technology can predict your movements way before you touch a smartphone’s screen. The sensors embedded in this Windows Phone can predict when and how you will touch the screen. “It uses the hands as a window to the mind,” is what Ken Hinckley, a principal researcher at Microsoft, said of the project in a recent post.

Last month, Microsoft Research just released a video that demonstrate the prototype “pre-touch sensing” system on a Windows Phone. This touchscreen can recognize your grip around the outer edge of the phone and your hovering fingers above it. With the sensors data, it can anticipate your interaction with the display and the way you’re holding the phone, or how many fingers there are and how far they are form the screen.

On the video, Microsoft gives you a specific example of this technology. With video player app, when you move your hand close to the display, the playback controls will appear automatically before you touch the screen. Or when you hold the phone in one hand, the controls will show up on the side where you hold the phone. Not only on this video player app, this interesting technology can also be in any app on your phone today.

Windows Phone’s future.

This great project is just an experiment. And there’s still no sure confirmation when or if Microsoft would bring this technology to market. If this happens, it will get Windows Phone back to the game, especially when Microsoft’s smartphone line seems to be on it last legs. A future Windows Phone device could have an intriguing look thanks to this amazing experiment.