Android mini games: Top 5 for low space phones

Android mini games always have a lot of players due to its diversity. If you are finding some simple games to relax after hours of working, these are top 5 Android mini games which are easy to play and totally free, and especially suitable for low space phones.


1. 360 degree

The first of top 5 easy Android mini games is a super simple game – 360 dregree. In 360 Degree you have to guide your bouncing ball to a safe landing. This very classic arcade games requires players to swivel their compass to the right and left to to avoid all the spikes and collect rewards and gain more score. Rated over 4 star in Google Play, this game is addictive, fast paced arcade style game with fun and simple concept suitable for anyone.

Download Link: 360 DegreeAndroid Mini Game 360 degree

2. Crevice Hero

This is a traditional action Android mini game with 8-bit design inspired by an epic flash game – Map in Gap. There are 4 vivid themes and 8 different free characters for players to choose, each characters has a unique skill: Revival, Teleport, Flight, and so on. You will have to collect gems while adventuring in a mysterious cave to unlock the characters. In the game, to get the treasures inside the cave, your hero has to traverse traps and dodge in Cursed Terrain, where rocks and walls slam up and down continuously.

Download Link: Crevice HeroAndroid Mini Game Crevice Heroes

3. Hopeless 2

In this game, there are 3 cute hopeless blobs who must escape the limbo dark cave using their fast min-cart! Starting the game with 1 blob in the cart, you have to ride, shoot monsters and save other 2 blobs along the way. You can enjoy the dynamic movements, thrilling and fast-paced action in this elegant-design game. Think fast, act fast and push your skills to the limit!

Download Link: Hopeless 2Android Mini Game hopeless 2

4. Legendary Warrior – Best Android mini game

This Android mini game is another action role-playing one with good graphics. It is super addictive and genuine fun fighting game in which the player will be played Legendary Hero – Hector joining in the fierce battle and legendary wars  to the end and destroying the wicked demons to rescue the loved one and the whole Legend kingdom, become a Legend. The players can move, jump and use skills and weapons to kill  monsters.  Winning battles brings the player money to upgrade weapons, skills and level up.

Download Link: Legendary WarriorAndroid mini game Legendary Warrior

5. Brave Battle

Brave Battle has a clear user interface and graphics and animation are both crisp and very well done. The game is stated to be a little bit too easy because you just pass the adventures through the various stages and it can make you feel bored. However, it is suitable for players who need a game that does not take up tons of MB, isn’t stressful and is easy to get power up. The tips is trying to use the combination of auto and manual modes provide a deeper level of fun.

Download Link: Brave BattleBest Android mini game Brave Battle

Android Mini Games

Above is top 5 easy Android mini games which have good graphics and simple rules. If you want to enjoy more small size games, check it out on our website later on!