That’s how Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner works

Samsung just launched its new handset with so many powerful features, including Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner. Do you want to know how it works?

Galxy Note 7 iris Scanner

Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner: password replacement

Since iris scanner technology has been assembled into Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the purchasers are asking how does this work? Is it harmful to human pupil? is it fast and as secure as other secure methods? Such technology is already used on Lumia 950 series, but Windows phones are less popular thus this feature was not widely discussed. Iris scanner seems to be supported with a long-term plan by Samsung. The company’s president just revealed some of their plans at the Unpacked event in New York, which mentioned not only Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner but also another device specifically Galaxy Tab Iris.

People who are wonder how to secure the new iris sensor has now do not have to worry anymore. It is because Samsung unveiled that the company invested over three years in its development to give the most secure iris scanning out of all biometric systems. Furthermore, the Korean company is suggesting to the banking system for transaction authorization with this new tech. It is such a useful feature! Let’s see how it can make it through!

Galxy Note 7 iris Scanner

Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner works fast thanks to IR LED, which accompanies with the selfie snapper. The IR LED allows the scanner to capture your eyeballs. There is also an infrared light that helps the scanner works in low light conditions. The only way to use it is looking at the screen. The phone is supposed to read both of your eyes, but only one is scanned. Then the scanned image is encrypted within security. Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner received the highest International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62471 certification level, which means it is safe for your eyes.

Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner: is it risky ?

Samsung said that it has taken all necessary precautions since the IR LED will not work in close proximity or long exposure to the eyes. But have they tested whether someone else, not the owners’ iris can unlock the phone or not? It is still a newbie here in the tech world, it is time to figure everything out.