OnePlus 3 Mini leaked with 6GB RAM

A new device has just been leaked online with the similar specs (6GB RAM + SND 820) to OnePlus 3. So, this phone could be the mini version of this flagship – OnePlus 3 Mini.

OnePlus 3 Mini

OnePlus 3 Mini: 6GB RAM + SND 820

After the flagship OnePlus 2, the company was reported to release a mini version of this phone. However, there was no OnePlus 2 mini. Instead of that, this Chinese smartphone maker brought OnePlus X to the market. And now, OnePlus might make it up with the new flagship this year. There will be a scaled down variant of OnePlus 3 which is OnePlus 3 Mini.

A new device has just been leaked on GFXBench. And this phone is said to be OnePlus 3 Mini. Why so? There are two specs which suggest that. The first spec is ” INVALID CyanogenMod” OS. If you look at the first generation of OnePlus, you’ll see this spec too. Secondly, this new handset sports a 16MP main camera (4,640 x 3,480 px). This camera is exactly the same as OnePlus 3’s.

OnePlus 3 Mini

In addition to OnePlus 3 Mini specs, it is powered by a 2.2Ghz quad-core SND 820 processor paired with a 6GB of RAM. There will be a 64GB of inbuilt storage. It is gonna come with a smaller 4.6-inch Full HD display. It will run on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS. You’ll find an 8MP snapper on the front of the handset.

OnePlus 3 Mini: a bold move from OnePlus?

Well, as you can see that not only two specs we mention above, but the others (except for the screen) are the same to OnePlus 3. A mini version with the same specs as the original one, but the screen size. Is it a bold move from OnePlus? Well, just wait and see! With the mini version, hopefully, OnePlus 3 Mini price will be cheaper than the old version. Since OnePlus 3 price is about $399, its mini model might have the price of $300.