Nokia to live stream Nokia flagships at the MWC 2017 (Feb 26)

This is a good News for all Nokia fans who are waiting to see the upcoming Nokia flagships. Read for more details. The King of smartphones is coming back.


Nokia will live stream Nokia flagships?

Upcoming Nokia flagships are what we are all waiting for, maybe you guys are really waiting to see how the Nokia 8 and other Nokia smartphones and gadgets will look like. Don’t worry as you can leave stream the Nokia event to watch its next killer phones. Nokia technology wich is its own innovation will allow you to attend the next show without taking a plane or catching the bus to go there.

You will only have to open the link that we will provide and you will be redirected to youtube live where you can see Nokia showing its next technology. The innovations that the company will showcase will be its Android phones, Virtual Reality (OZO) and also its connected health devices called (Withings). The Mobile World Congress 2017 which is set to be done in Barcelona (Spain) will bring too many surprises.  For the Nokia flagships, You can review here its Nokia 6 which was launched in January 2017 and sold the first stock under 60 seconds.


This kind of sales shows that the company is ready to make a great come back and satisfy its fans as much as possible.” The live-stream will be available at Nokia YouTube channel. In case you prefer 2D live streaming, you can catch it at Nokia Mobile Facebook page’. If you want to have access to the Nokia flagships show, just click this link and you will have an opportunity to watch the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Nokia will live stream Nokia flagships!

If you are so excited about seeing these Nokia flagships, don’t miss out to open the link. In fact, what do you think about Nokia this year?