Nokia Snake game reborn!

When smartphones were created and then have been so popular, we’ve seen a lot of interesting games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, etc. become famous perhaps thanks to many factors such as characters, display colors, sounds, simple rules, and so. However, before them, there was a much more simple game that ruled the mobile gaming scene. It is the Snake game.


Do you remember it? Did you ever feel addicted to it? Yes, we did. It was such an extremely annoying yet engaging game firstly included on a Nokia 6110 in 1997 and then on all Nokia phones. Talking about its developer, it was Taneli Armanto and he is also the one that has brought the Snake back. Accordingly, the new Snake version is dubbed Snake Rewind and available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS handsets.

“Taneli Armanto and Rumilus Design have joined forces to bring you Snake Rewind! Iconic elements and intuitive gameplay from the original Snake are combined with cool visual effects, sounds and many new features. The result is a game that will entertain, challenge and delight you time after time!” said Rumilus Design.

Some small changes have been applied but Snake Rewind still has the basic blueprint as the original one. We also should note that the graphics of the game is updated and equipped with music and sound effects. Fortunately, you can rewind time once your snake crashes any time. Sounds good?

As usual, Snake Rewind is free but in case of wanting to purchase in-app upgrades or some special items, you have to access to a “fruit store”. For a fuller list of Snake Rewind features, let’s take a look at the following part:

 – Rewind the snake to continue playing after crashing

 – Collect various special kinds of fruit with unique powers and effects

– Include 10 levels with fun and challenges; each level is built with distinct visual and music.

 – Have a fruit store offering boosters and items

– Compete against other players or your friends on Facebook; scores and rankings will be listed on the leaderboards.

– Have a special thing for players if they are able to fill the whole screen with the snake

To recap, we are glad that some “traditional” games for phones like Snake game has a chance to come back. Maybe next year, when Nokia returns to producing mobiles, we will see Snake Rewind on all Nokia smartphones just like the good old days.