Nokia brand: why do we want a smartphone more than a tablet?

Nokia brand is likely to make a comeback with two Android smartphones in the next year. However, in a recent news, the emergence of Nokia D1C tablet has astonished all of us. Here are some reasons towards why we prefer a smartphone to a tablet.


Nokia brand: a smartphone is of more demand

As you all know, Nokia was the largest company in the smartphone market till 2011. They successfully gained their reputation in terms of strong and durable mobile phones. After the contract with Microsoft, they almost disappeared from the market for the past two years. But now, the giant is expected to be on the way of making their grand return. And that being said, more people hope to see an Android smartphone from Nokia rather than a tablet.

Firstly, it is obvious that a smartphone is more handy and portable than a tablet. You can easily put your device into your pocket because of its small size. Secondly, we are not sure whether a Nokia tablet will have a slot to insert a SIM card. A smartphone is integrated with similar functions like a tablet, but it is totally sure that we can make a call or send an offline message.


The third reason is the camera concern. Clearly that a handy smartphone is much more convenient for selfie than a tablet. Instead of squirming a bulky tablet and easily drop it into the ground, owning a mobile phone is a choice of the majority of customers. Last but not least, it consumes more energy when it comes to a tablet. With a larger size, the tablet needs much more power to run the system. The last two reasons are even more convincing, considering that Nokia has been world-famous for their Pureview camera technology and impressive battery lives for smartphones. We are yet to be ready to sacrifice those by having a tablet, are we?

Nokia brand: what will really show up?

Like most fans of Nokia, we expect an Android Nokia smartphone to be launched rather than a tablet. Nokia has always been believed as one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world, even after their 2-year absence. Therefore, it is projected to continue their strengths and develop to a new level. Because of all the above, we are expecting that Nokia D1C will finally be confirmed a mobile phone, rather than a bulky 13-inch tablet.