New Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2: Another great phone like Flash Plus?

After Lazada Malaysia announced that Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus could be pre-ordered, the phone has been receiving a lot of attention from consumers. It is easy to understand since this Alcatel’s product is so good both in terms of price and specs. So, if you like Alcatel OneTouch Flash Plus and care about this brand’s upcoming handset as well, perhaps you will feel interested in Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2, a direct competitor to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

Lately, we have noticed an official claim related to a new Alcatel phone from the manufacturer. It will be called Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2, which is obviously a successor to Alcatel OneTouch Flash launched in 2014.

Though there has been not much information about this coming smartphone to be revealed, basing on the advertising picture, we believe that OneTouch Flash 2 will be equipped with a 5-inch screen (instead of 5.5″ screen of the first generation) and a big LED flash supporting the rear camera. Besides, some people think the green color in the pic can mean something. Maybe it implies the new machine’s body will probably be made of some environment-friendly material. In additional, it is expected that Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2 will also feature an octa-core processor just like the octa-core MediaTek chip of the duo OneTouch Flash và OneTouch Flash Plus.

Alcatel OneTouch Flash

As we can see, the teaser gives us an important info that Alcatel OneTouch Flash 2 launch is going to happen on September 22, 2015. This is also the the period of time in which many new devices regardless of high, mid or low-end range will be debuted. Will OneTouch Flash 2 compete successfully with them?

Yes, the next gen of the OneTouch Flash can totally be able to do that if it has better specs but still with an affordable price. Reportedly, OneTouch Flash used to be considered as a direct rival to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo despite coming no stylus.

Well, what do you think about this new Alcatel smartphone?