Meizu Pro 7 Plus vs. Nokia ZenJutsu: 10GB RAM, Dual 20MP

Here we come with the comparison of the New Meizu Pro 7 Plus vs. Nokia ZenJutsu beast. One of these smartphones comes with 10GB RAM while another offers 8GB RAM. 

New Meizu Pro 7 Plus vs

New Meizu Pro 7 Plus vs. Nokia ZenJutsu: 10GB RAM

New Meizu Pro 7 Plus vs. Nokia ZenJutsu is the battle that we are offering to you guys today. Let’s get started to see which one of these premium smartphones is the most real. To start, we would like to introduce the Meizu Pro 7 Plus specs. The phone offers 5.7-inch screen Full HD with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Nokia ZenJutsu specs provide 6.0-inch with a resolution of a 4K display. Also, new Meizu Pro 7 Plus runs on MediaTek Helio X30 chipset with 8GB RAM. However, Nokia ZenJutsu runs on Qualcomm SnD 845 with 8/10GB RAM.

Meizu Pro 7 Plus storage bears 128 and 256GB GB ROM (expandable up to 256GB). Meanwhile, Nokia ZenJutsu storage offers 256/500 GB ROM (expandable up to 500GB. However, Meizu Pro 7 Plus cameras sport a Dual 20+16MP on the rear with 16MP selfies snapper. By the way, Nokia ZenJutsu camera sports 42 MP primary on the back with a 42MP lens for selfies. In this case, we can recommend the Nokia ZenJutsu smartphone because of the Specs it offers.

New Meizu Pro 7 Plus vs

The two upcoming premium phones run on Android Oreo 8.0. Also, Meizu Pro 7 Plus flagship and the Nokia ZenJutsu provide connectivity of LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB, 3G, and 4G. The new Meizu Pro 7 Plus battery offers 5500mAH non-removable. For the Nokia ZenJutsu battery, there is a massive 6000mAH battery non-removable as well.

Meizu Pro 7 Plus vs. Nokia ZenJutsu Release Date

In conclusion, Meizu 7 Pro Plus phone is going on sale in September. Moreover, for the Nokia ZenJutsu monster, it is launching in December 2017. Meizu Pro 7 Plus price starts from $ 400. However, the Nokia ZenJutsu Price starts from RM 2134 ~ $ 497. Which one of these premium flagships do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section.