Meizu K52 with LTE and 64BIT CPU for RM580

We have heard news and rumors about a 1000 yuan Meizu phone for a long time now. While Meizu officials never clearly confirmed the existence of a new Meizu phone, details of a new Meizu gadget appeared on GFX Bench. This new phone is very likely the Meizu 1000 yuan phone.

meizu mini

The new Meizu phone comes with the temporary code name Meizu K52.

The details show that the Meizu K52 will sport a Mediatek processor like the MX4. The K52 uses a 64BIT OctaCore MT6752 CPU with LTE support and Mali-T760 GPU. The MT6752 CPU 8 Cores are clocked at 1.7Ghz. For sure at this price level, the MT6752 is not as powerful as the Meizu’s MX4 MT6595 CPU, but at least you get 64BIT and LTE Support.



This new mysterious device sports a 4.6″ Full HD screen with 1920x1080p resolution. If we are taking into account that this data on the GFX Bench is not the final data, there is a good chance that this screen is going to be larger then 4.6″. Other Specs for the Meizu K52 include 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. ITs running on Flyme based on Android 4.4. So far we dont have information on the cameras included.

Meizu K52 3D graphics Performance

You also get a few Benchmarks about the K52 3D Graphics Performance tested on Manhattan and T-Rex. Based on the results the Meizu K52 is relatively close to the Oppo U3, but quite far away from the performance of the Meizu MX4 and MX4 Pro. This should not come as a surprise though, at this price level.

Overall these reports confirm the insider information we had before about a new Dual Sim Meizu 64BIT LTE Low Cost phone that would sport the same CPU solution as the HTC Desire D820s. Meizu has said before that a 1000yuan (RM580) phone can not be ideal. Since Meizu faces intense competition from Xiaomi and other brands, the introduction of cheaper phone models next to their flagships is unavoidable to gain market share.

What do you think about the new Low-Cost Meizu Machine?