Lenovo K5 Note VS Coolpad Note 3 Plus: Octa-core, 64 ROM, 3500mAh

Released in later May, Coolpad Note 3 Plus is definitely among  the most favorite budget smartphones thus far. At the same time, another budget-friendly device from Lenovo is coming: Lenovo K5 Note. Let’s make a comparison between Coolpad Note 3 Plus vs Lenovo K5 Note and see who wins!

Lenovo K5 Note vs Coolpad Note 3 Plus (2)
Lenovo K5 Note

1. Lenovo K5 Note vs Coolpad Note 3 Plus: Specs comparison

First, let’s talk about the perfomance. Both Lenovo K5 Note specs vs Coolpad Note 3 Plus specs include an Octa-core processor with Cortex A53 and 64 bit architecture. There is a difference in their chipsets: MediaTek MT6755 from Lenovo K5 Note and MediaTek MT6753 from Coolpad Note 3 Plus, but we don’t think this would be obviously shown in their performance. However, what is really different is their RAM. While Lenovo K5 Note offers 2GB of RAM, Coolpad Note 3 Plus comes with 3GB. So we think Note 3 Plus is the winner in terms of performance.

Now let’s move on to the camera. Lenovo K5 Note vs Coolpad Note 3 Plus support the same resolution. However, they feature different lens and technologies. To be more specific,  Lenovo K5 Note camera comes with 2.2F Aperture, while Coolpad Note 3 Plus camera offers 2.0F, which is better in light capturing. Nevertheless, the camera of the Coolpad phone supports CMOS image sensor and a Dual-color LED Flash, which are not present in the camera of the Lenovo phone. Other functions of the two cameras are the same.

Lenovo K5 Note vs Coolpad Note 3 Plus
Coolpad Note 3 Plus

There’s one feature they have in common: the display. Both of these two fingerprint-scanning smartphones pack a 5.5-inch full HD IPS LCD screen, with the pixel density 401ppi. As for the internal memory, both of them sport 16GB capacity, but the ROM can be expanded up to 128GB in K5 Note, while Note 3 Plus is not compatible with any microSD card bigger than 64GB. Regarding the battery, Coolpad Note 3 Plus is fueled by 3000mAh capacity, 5000mAh smaller than that of Lenovo K5 Note. Another difference is that Lenovo  K5 Note is backed with a 8MP front snapper, while the Coolpad phone features a 5MP one.

2. Lenovo K5 Note vs Coolpad Note 3 Plus: the winning budget beast is….

As far as we are concerned, Lenovo K5 Note is more preferable in terms of specs, especially the cameras, the expandable storage and the battery. So now let’s move on to the price! Both aimed at the low-budget market segment, Lenovo K5 Note vs Coolpad Note 3 Plus come with affordable price tags. To be clear, Lenovo K5 Note price is around $194 and Coolpad Note 3 Plus price comes at $134. So who wins in the end? In our opinion, it’s Coolpad Note 3 Plus, because the gap between their specs is not really big, but the gap between their prices is! However, if specs count the most to you, you can pay $60 more for Lenovo K5 Note.