Iphone 7 tips: what to do when it gets wet

What would you do if your Iphone 7 or 7 plus is accidentally dropped into liquid? There are many ways on the Internet to help you figure this problem out.  Today, we would like to round up some Iphone 7 tips that can save your wet smartphone. 

Iphone 7 tips

Iphone 7 tips: steps to do when it gets wet

Although Iphone 7 or its sister 7 plus both received IP67 certificate, which means that they are water proof and dust resistance. However, it does not guarantee your device will be able to survive if they are dropped into salty water or some unknown liquid. There are some activities that the manufacturer highly recommend you not to do when using Iphone 7: showering, water skiing, surfing, jet skiing. In case you are unfortunately caught into this problem, let’s follow the steps below.

Firstly, quickly take your device out of water, unplug any cables and use a cloth to wipe it off. Then, you can remove water from the Lightning connector by tapping the phone gently. The Lightning connector should be put facing down because it will be easily for water to run outside. After doing that, let your smartphone dry. The ideal atmosphere is near an open window, or in dry spaces. You can use a fan to make it dry quickly but never use an external heat source like hair-dryer.

Iphone 7 tips

According to Apple, the users shouldn’t use a cotton swab or insert any strange object into the Lightning connector. If you do not follow the instruction, it can lead to the damage for your smartphone. Finally, you should wait at least 5 hours or till your Iphone 7 is totally dry before charging it.

Iphone 7 tips: strictly follow the instructions

Above are the steps that we highly recommend you to follow. You shouldn’t be too rush or hard on your device if it gets wet. We hope that these tips can be your smartphone’s life saver.