Huawei Honor 4X with LTE and 64BIT for RM560

Huawei is finally entering the 64-Bit Era with their newest Honor Phone Play 4X phone. Although Huawei will just have their launch event on 16th december, the Pre-Sales for their new Huawei Honor Play 4X with Kirin 620 64BIT started already.

Honor 4X

The Kirin 620 is the first 64Bit processor produced by HiSilicon, which is 100% Huawei owned. The Kirin 620 is a Octacore processor which utilizes 8 A53 cores which should give reasonable high performance. The Kirin 620 comes with the MALI 450 GPU and is LTE Capable. In general for Kirin processors, they tend to be very strong in raw processing power, the potential pitfal is the GPU.

Honor 4X 2

Overall the Huawei Honor 4X specs, stay the same with the Honor Play 4 that launched in September, but the processor. The Honor Play 4X sports a 5.5″ HD Display, 13MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front Camera. It has a 3000mAh battery and will come with two version. The lower-end version will have 1GB of RAM while the higher end version will sport 2GB RAM.

Honor 4X 3

According to current reports the low-end version will sell at 799Yuan and the 2GB RAM version will sell at 999 Yuan. Huawei might even sell the new Huawei Honor Play 4X cheaper though.

The Honor 4PLay X is just one of several Honor devices launched in 16th December. Huawei will also launch the Honor 6Plus with Dual Rear Camera and 4K BOX.