Huawei develops a stylus-toting Galaxy Note 5 rival: 5GB RAM, 16MP camera, Exynos 7420

Just very recently, Huawei smartphone launched Mate S with multi-functional fingerprint sensor to beat iPhone 6S. Huawei called it “the incredible touch” or “force touch”, which is one of the main selling points of this Huawei Mate S flagship. Beside Huawei, Apple iPhones are known as the only smartphones to feature force touch.

Even though the Huawei Mate S has been long just for a short while, it seems that Huawei doesn’t have the intention to stop pursuing high-end flagship market. The company is even working on a new smartphone project. And we have already spotted some interesting information.

From our sources, Huawei is targeting at making a strong rival directly to Samsung-made Galaxy Note 5, even equipped with the same stylus pen Note 5 is using. From what we heard, it even seems like Huawei is cooperating with Wacom Stylus (producer for Galaxy Note 5’s pen) to order a tailor-made touch pen for their upcoming device.

Huawei developing a Note 5 rival
Huawei developing a Note 5 rival

If our logic goes right, Huawei aims at competing with and surpassing especially Galaxy Note 5 this time. If so, they need to power their new Huawei smartphone with as good or even better specs than Samsung. Moreover, these specs must be in the same category or produced by the same suppliers, to make it easier to compare and the game more intense. This explains that we can totally expect Huawei will give up their signature Kirin 950 processor on this new smartphone and may go with Exynos 7420.

Huawei developing a Note 5 rival
Galaxy Note 5 has the best-in-class AMOLED display!

Some outstanding Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs we can predict to see in this new Huawei smartphone


– Exynos 7420 chip set

– 5.7” with┬áSuper AMOLED display

– 16MP rear camear / 5MP front camera

– 3000 mAH (3,000 mAH is not impressive but real life test proved it can last up to 9 hours 11 minutes of performance)

So, if they are ambitious enough and want to win this game, the new Huawei smartphone specs need to come with a very premium combination: 4GB RAM (or 5GB RAM), Exynos 7420 or stronger, 16 – 21MP and over 4000 mAH.