HTC U Ultra screen is truly durable!

HTC recently just released the sapphire version of its new HTC U Ultra. True enough, the company was not lying about the sapphire part, as the screen was entirely made from that. After some test, it is clear that the HTC U Ultra screen is more durable than Galaxy S8!

HTC U Ultra screen

HTC U Ultra screen is more durable than Galaxy S8!

HTC, in a surprising move, has recently introduced the special edition of the new HTC U Ultra, with sapphire crystal display. True enough, the company did not lie, as the screen is really made of the said material. Recently, the HTC U Ultra screen was put to the test to see how well its endurance is. JerryRigEverything on YouTube conducted such a test, and the result was really incredible: the HTC U Ultra screen resist scratch better than even iPhone and Galaxy S8! They also did a similar test on the Galaxy S8 as well.

After the test, the phone achieved a score of 8 on Moh’s hardness scale. This means that the screen will likely stay in tip top condition for the rest of its life, unless there is a really hard drop. It is an incredible achievement by HTC, as covering a whole screen with sapphire is something even Apple could not pull of in a big scale. Apple only coated the home button and camera lens of iPhone with it. Only Vertu has done this before, and we all know how expensive Vertu phones are.

As a reminder, let’s look back at HTC U Ultra specs. Under the hood, there is a Quad-core (2×2.15 GHz Kryo & 2×1.6 GHz Kryo) SND 821 chipset, accompanied by 4GB of RAM. There is 64/128GB of storage, and can be expanded further by up to 256GB. The phone has a 3000mAh battery. Outside, it sports a 5.7″ 2K display, a 12MP main camera at the rear and a 16MP secondary shooter for selfies at the front. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. Overall, its specs are really good, although it is not the best.

HTC U Ultra screen: Does it make the phone good?

However, the price is certainly a barrier for customers. HTC U Ultra sapphire price is $900 (~RM. 3,911), signigicantly more expensive than the normal edition. It is also released in limited countries. What do you think about this edition of HTC U Ultra?