Huawei Honor 6 Plus Dual Rear Camera: Details and Pictures!

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus biggest selling point is for sure the Dual 8MP Rear Cameras. Huawei is not shy of boasting this function and comparing the functions to other flagships like iPhone 6Plus, Note and HTC One M8.

Dual Rear Camera 6Plus

The Huawei Honor 6Plus has two 8MP Cameras on its backside, one for regular taking for pictures and the second camera for recording of depth perception information. With the extra data about depth, Huawei’s Camera algorithm can determine which objects are close and which ones are far away from you. Most probably this will give the users some awesome ways to play around with their pictures. Additionally it will be able to take 3D pictures as well, similiar to HTC’s Dual Rear Camera.

Here the original picture taken with the Honor 6 Plus before any Modifications

Honor 6 Plus Camera Samples


Here is the same image after applying Focus Function, which automatically detected the foreground and blurred the background.

Honor 6 Plus Camera Samples 3

As well you can very easily change the point of focus and could blur out the object in front, to focus on the moutains in the background.

Honor 6 Plus Camera Samples 2



You can tap anywhere on the image to change the point of focus — if we for some reason wanted to blur our extraordinarily handsome subject and focus on the area behind him,

Huawei also gives us some Proof Shoots to compare their Honor 6 Plus to the competition of Apple, HTC and Samsung. Additionally the Honor 6Plus will get new makeover with Aircraft Grade Aluminum Metal. But Have a look at the comparison pics yourself.

Honor 6 Plus Comparison


We already know that the Huawei Honor 6 Plus is going to launch on 16th December. What do you think of this Camera Centric Beast?