Cracked smartphone screen: How to avoid?

I’m sure that having cracked smartphone screen is the last thing you wish! In order not to let that nightmare happen, here are our tips to keep your smartphone screen safe and sound!


Cracked smartphone screen: It’s all from your daily habits!

First of all, do not put your phone in the back pocket of your pants. Many of you have this habit. Many users whose phones are 6-inch and above tend to put their phones in the back pockets, because the side pockets are quite narrow to house such massive phones. However, this habit can lead to cracked smartphone screen because you may sit down without taking the phone out. And this doesn’t only happen with back pockets! Putting your phone in a tight pocket may also result in the same thing if you do that for a long time!

Secondly, be careful where to place your phone! Many phone users often place their phones in the same compartment with sharp things like keys, sunglasses, or jewelry! This is extremely NOT recommended. Those sharps items may not only leave countless scratches but can also result in a cracked smartphone screen! So it would be better if you place your phone with soft items, or just leave it alone in one compartment.


Cracked smartphone screen: Extra protection!

Third, buy a case that is a bit thicker than your phone. Phone cases are actually more useful than we think! If you equip your phone with the right case, you can prevent cracked smartphone screen! When you accidentally drop your phone, a case with a raised lip can prevent the face of the phone to hit the ground!

Last but not least, use screen protectors. Finally if you can not change those bad habits and cannot find such phone cases, buy a screen protectors! Some screen protectors are resistant to all levels of pressure! The best one can even help your screen survive being hit by a hammer! With such protectors, there’s no worrying about cracked smartphone screen anymore!