Carl Pei OnePlus co-founder says “let me be your intern” to Samsung!

Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder, wanted to be an internship at Samsung and giant Korean company has not replied yet!
As you know, OnePlus was established in December, 2013, so it is kind of young when compared to other famous smartphone companies in China as well as in the world. However, it does gain much success thanks to the OnePlus One last year.
Even the OnePlus Two released this year also drew much attention from people due to the strong OnePlus Two Specs. However, they way OnePlus team decided to sell their products seems to cause many troubles for consumers.
Honestly, OnePlus committed many mistakes when going against the traditional selling method. Specifically, they implemented a tedious invitation system and just Chinese buyers were able to purchase a OnePlus Two freely. Many people were unhappy, which should have not happened.
This may be a part of the reason why the OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei decided to be an intern at Samsung company, from which he believed he could learn a lot of things about smartphone business. Is it actually a good choice, though?
“We are a growing company facing high demand from around the world. It’s not easy to make a smartphone; it’s also not easy getting it from our factory into your hands as quickly as you deserve,” said the OnePlus co-founder, and in another recent post on his blog named “Here’s an idea”, he wrote that: “Samsung was founded 77 years ago. Running a company that does so well, for so long, with such a wide range of products is an astounding feat by any measure. They’ve shipped hundreds of millions of phones around the globe through a multitude of sales channels; you can’t help but admire their operations.”
From what he announced on the social network, we can see that he was determined and even could pass on some information of what he learned at OnePlus in general, and engaging with the community in particular. On the other hand, he would also offer a swap deal, which was that OnePlus could host a Samsung’s executive and listen to how the start-up went about its business.
Well, do you think that can happen in the future?