Breaking: Xiaomi Launches Android Segway for just 300USD!

Besides announcing the 6-inch, 4K Mi TV 3, Xiaomi also announced a rather interesting product at today’s conference in China — the Ninebot mini, a two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter developed in partnership with Segway.

Xiaomi NineBot Mini

We have good news for Xiaomi Malaysia fans. Today Xiaomi announced several new gadgets, including a 6″ 4K Mi TV 3. The biggest news from Xiaomi phones today though is the Launch of something completely new and unexpected – The Xiaomi NineBot Mini.

The Xiaomo NineBot Mini is a self-balancing electronic scooter, that Xiaomi is producing together with Segway. Transportation is definitely the future to, too long our transportation mody havent changed significantly and the industry is ripe for disruption. While the first Segway couldnt do the job, Xiaomi is once again back to try. We can be sure that this time the Xiaomi NineBot Mini will have an attractive pricepoint on top.

All the information of the NineBot Mini we have so far is from the official page from Xiaomi’s Vice President Hugo Barra, so very reliable. The Xiaomi Ninebot Mini can work with surfaces with up to 15degrees. On a single electronic charge the NineBot Mini will bring you a full 22km, which is huge!


The Xiaomi NineBot features a “‘super-strong magnesium alloy structure” and can do speeds up to 16 km/h which is definitely way faster then walking to work. The Ninebot’s weight is 12.8 kg, which is not super leightweight, but still shouldnt be a problem to get home, in case your battery gets empty.

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Price and Release Date

Lets come to the most interesting point, the Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Price. The Xiaomi Ninebot will sell at just about 314 USD or 1,999 Yuan. If the Ninebot can really keep up with Xiaomi’s quality that we know from other devices this might just disrupt the transportation industry!