Best 4GB RAM Nokia smartphones: PureView, 4000mAh battery

Many people are looking forward to Nokia smartphones coming at the end of the year. If you care about them, too, check out the following list consisting of eight 4GB RAM Nokia models now!

4gb ram nokia smartphones

1. Nokia 1100

The first machine we would like to introduce to you is Nokia 11oo, which is considered as a smartphone variant of the basic phone Nokia 1100, launched many years ago. Design-wise, Nokia 1100 smartphone will come with a stylized back cover, super slim borders, and no physical home button on the front surface.


Spec-wise, one of the most interesting things is that Nokia 1100 is said to be running on Android OS (Android N would be the best). Though, other Nokia 1100 Pureview specs are also worth being complimented: 4GB RAM, a Quad HD or at least Full HD display, a MediaTek processor, and a 3,500 – 4,000mAh battery.

4gb ram nokia smartphones


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