Battery will never explode again: Solid State battery solution

In 2016, besides Samsung Note 7, there have been a lot of other mobile phones having exploded, even iPhone 7 of Apple. Therefore, new battery technology manufacturers are rushing to find a new solution for battery issue. Let’s check a new type of battery that can prevent your phone from exploding: Solid State Battery!


Liquid-Based Battery and Solid State battery

The mobile device is growing with the increasing number of features, powerful configurations. Meanwhile, battery technology still has many limitations. It challenges scientists to produce a new genre of battery to support large screen size and high resolution phones, which require a lot of energy. History battery technology has not really improved much over the past time. Most of the previous devices uses Liquid-based batteries, which have a lot of disadvantages in terms of size and performance.

All conventional batteries now have two electrodes facing each other, and that’s where the power lines come in and go out. Everything happens inside the battery, where is filled by liquid-based Electrolyte. The liquid Electrolyte serves as the link between two electrode:Anode and Cathode. And when charging, the liquid can reach high temperature and increase in volume while the cover is unchanged. And boom, it explodes.


Notably, the Lithium-ion battery technology speciality – Solid State battery is now investigated to replace the liquid-based battery. It has a new and more efficient design.In this kind of battery, the liquid electrolyte is replaced by the solid one, so it’s hard to pop out while charging. Currently, the two companies are Sakti3 and Planar Energy are racing to market this new battery. With 2-3 times higher capacity than the older one, Solid State battery not only has the potential for mobile technology market, but also can be applied to electric car motors.

Solid State Battery future

The mobile phone industry has a lot of strict safety requirements. So Solid State Battery is expected to be utilized in other fields much earlier. Due to it is still a new born baby, scientists believe that we still have to wait for more than 5 years to get a phone with a safe Solid State Battery. So let’s stay with us for more updated information!