Apple iPhone series TO RELEASE: 256GB ROM, Dual 16MP cam…

Over the last few months, the launching of Apple’s newest iPhone has been the hot topic. Now, the manufacturer has finally confirmed Apple iPhone series release date, along with some specs like 256GB ROM and 16MP camera. Let’s dig in to learn more!

Apple iPhone series

Apple iPhone series: 256GB ROM, Dual 16MP Cam…

Actually, there has been some postpones ever since Apple confirmed the preparation of the next generation smartphones. Based on what we have learned, two new brands are going to debut: iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s. Moreover, these two Apple handsets all obtain the Full-HD touchscreen. Separately, the Apple iPhone 7s handset owns the OLED display. Meanwhile, the Apple iPhone 8 gets the Super AMOLED (1242 x 2800 pixels) version. Also, the manufacturer is definitely giving the latest operating system, iOS 11, to the youngest members of iPhone line.

More about the configuration, the Apple iPhone 7s device runs on Apple A11 chipset and Quad-core CPU. Coincidentally, the Apple iPhone 8 phone also has same power sources. As for the internal storage and RAM, the two Apple phones offer 64/256GB ROM, alongside with 3GB RAM. Unfortunately, there is no external memory. However, I think the largest ROM version is enough for someone who stores a lot on their phone. Besides, there are probably four color choices available: Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and Silver.

Apple iPhone series
Speaking of the camera, Apple iPhone 7s camera contains a 12MP rear shooter and 8MP front-facing selfie. In the meantime, Apple iPhone 8 camera sports a 12MP primary and 7MP secondary. Talking about the juice box, Apple iPhone 7s battery might be a non-removable 3,500mAh while Apple iPhone 8 cell is 3,000mAh. Lastly, these two phones in the Apple iPhone series support all kind of basic connectivity options: Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and USB.

Apple iPhone series release date and price

Right now, the official confirmation about the Apple iPhone series release date is they are coming next month, which is September. For the cost, Apple iPhone 7s price may start at RM. 3003 ($700), and Apple iPhone 8 price is around RM. 5148 ($1,200). What is your opinion on the soon-to-be iPhone series? Let us know in the comments below.

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