Apple iPhone 7 will “inherit” the curved screen from Samsung?

Is it because Apple is running out of ideas for their new products in the future?

It is said that Apple will bring changes to their iPhone handset in terms of design every 2 years, and Apple iPhone 7 may not be an exception. Recently, Apple has submitted a patent application USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), proposing a flexible, curved display similar to the edge on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or S6 edge Plus just launched this month.

Those edge parts are likely to have a range of various functions, including displaying necessary information (like time, weather, etc.). Besides, they will also act as virtual buttons, allowing users to switch between different modes, adjust sound volume, and so on. Moreover, the traditional home button on Apple iPhone may even be replaced with another one on the edge.

There is one example shown to illustrate what people can do with the functions on the edges. If you are listening to music, the edge of the iPhone can display a list of songs, artists or albums, and all you have to do is to scroll through.

According to some sources, Apple will probably release up to 2 devices next year, one of which will come with the standard edges for traditional users and the other will own the curved edges like what we see on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge Plus. 

In conclusion, Apple still has not confirmed anything. However, if this concept is coming true, it will be a big challenge for Apple since they will have to make people “forget” Samsung edge phones whenever mentioning the curved screen. Anyhow, we should be looking forward to Apple iPhone 6S this year first. There is a long period of time before iPhone 7  gets announced. Let’s wait and see!

So, looking at the following concepts of iPhone 7, what do you think?