Apple iPhone 7 camera sensor from LG

We’ll see Apple iPhone 7 later this year and the phone is expected to come with the change in its design, especially in Apple camera. As the recent leak, Apple iPhone 7 camera sensor is provided by LG manufacturer.

Apple iPhone 7 camera

Apple iPhone 7 camera – new technology from LG

Apple wants to make a change in their design as well as their camera technology. Recently, we have known that LG will be the provider for Apple iPhone 7 camera sensor. In the fact, Sony will be the best choice for Apple if the company was not affected by the earthquake in April. However. The LG camera technologies are also famous in the smartphone market. So, we expect that the next generation of Apple iPhone will have great cameras like Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC 10, LG G5,…

Apple will launch the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus later this year. Both of them will come with better cameras, especially with optical image system. From some leaked images, the iPhone 7 plus camera may come with a dual-camera. The device may pack at least a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. In 2015, Apple buys the famous imaging company-LinX Computational, which can give iPhone 7 camera the ability to create 3D photos.

Apple iPhone 7 camera

Besides, Apple could use the AMOLED screen replaces for the LCD screen and erase the Home button. In September 2015, Apple has researched for foldable display technology and they are getting good results. Hopefully, they will get the next iPhone with foldable display in the future.

iPhone 7 price – How much for new LG camera?

With new Apple iPhone 7 camera sensor from LG and other upgraded features, many people think that iPhone 7 price will be very expensive. However, as what we know, Apple will make the new strategy to increase their revenue by a discount of iPhone 7. We predict the iPhone 7 will cost around $650. What about you? Which price do you expect for the next Apple device-iPhone 7?