Apple AirPod to come with wireless connection

Apple AirPod will be the first wireless earphone from the technology giant. This device is reported to come along with Apple iPhone 7 in August. Let’s see how wonderful it is!

Apple Airpod


Apple AirPod is a part of Apple iPhone 7

As you know, Apple iPhone 7 will be launched in August with a lot of upgraded features. One of them, we might not see a 3.5mm earphone jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So, what will be the replacement? Well, don’t worry, we are waiting for the first wireless earbud from Apple. This device uses Bluetooth connection that is expected to be the most interesting feature on iPhone 7. Exactly, we are mentioning about earphones from Apple which is called Apple AirPod. The wireless Apple AirPod has been leaked since January but now it is unveiled again.

Firstly, Apple AirPod will connect to Apple device through Bluetooth connection. That means you won’t see two wire on this new Apple Earphones. It’s so excited, right? Now, let’s see how it works on Apple iPhone 7 device. Without the 3.5mm port on board, iPhone 7 will support a Lightning connector on the bottom, along with an adapter that converts connection of AirPod device. The recent report also points that an Apple AirPod will charge wirelessly.

Apple AirPod

An Apple AirPod could make an upcoming iPhone 7 to be more attractive. This is the first time Apple produce the wireless earphones. From the recent report, this device can be compatible on many Apple devices, including iPhone 5, iPhone 6 , and variants of them.

Apple AirPod price and release date

Even though there are a lot of leaked information, Apple AirPod price and release date is still a mystery. However, August could be the perfect time to launch such product. That’s also the launched time of Apple iPhone 7. We will see two wonderful Apple devices in August. So, let’s see how wonderful this combination will be!