Apple A10 successor: better performance and power-saving

Apple A10 is now one of the best chipsets in the market. Now, it seems that the company is working A10X SoC. This chipset will even come with better performance than its predecessor. 


Apple A10 successor: better and stronger A10X

Last month, Apple released their new flagship – iPhone 7 Plus. This phone with Apple A10 Fusion chipset immediately defeated OnePlus 3, as well as many SND 821 phones, to be the King on Antutu best performance phone list. With this chart, we can see that how powerful Apple A10 chipset is. Now, Apple is reported to be working on a product powered by A10X. This phone will be the first Apple 10-nanometer SoC.

Apple A10 Fusion comes with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) 16nm technology. Meanwhile, the chipset A10X will be smaller with 10-nm technology of TSMC. With this chipset, Apple will be able to reduce their cost in manufacturing A10X. Besides, manufacturing yields of the company will increase. It’s common that yields of big chipsets are usually less than yields of smaller SoCs.


A10X is not only economical but also very powerful. You can see how strong Apple A10 is, this new SoC is even more than that. It is said that A10X will perform better by 18% than 16-nm chipset. In addition, this chipset is power-saving. Compared to the 16nm chip, the 10nm SoC consumes less energy by 40%. Moreover, there will be more graphic cores which will make the quality of photos and videos better.

Apple A10X:

Apple A10 is already a beast. Now, its successor- A10X- is gonna be more than that. Whichever device owns this chipset will have incredible strengths. It is expected that A10X will be used in the next generation of iPad, as well as iPhone. If you want to know more about Apple chipset, as well as Apple products, just keep following our page. We’ll continue to update.