90% of Note 7 ex-users switch for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

As we have mentioned in a previous article, the way Samsung deal with the scandal of Note 7 explosion has proven how much they care for their customers! Now, it looks like that strategy has worked out! Reportedly, most Note 7 users choose to switch for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge sales number has dramatically increased!

In case you missed, Samsung has officially put an end to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production after series of scandals. To ease their customers, the Korean brand offers a complete refund for those who has bought a Note 7. In Taiwan, Samsung even decided to bonus $25 for users to buy a new smartphone from another brand. For those who want to exchange their Note7 with another Samsung product, the bonus is almost 4 times higher: 95$.

In addition, because there is a big price gap between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and another Samsung phone, users also receive another sum of money. To be more specific, if users want to switch to S7 Edge, they will receive back the $125 to $155, which is equal to the gap between S7 Edge price and Note7 price. Similarly, if users want to replace note7 with Note5, they will be given from $125 to $220.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

So far, that wonderful refund policy has lead to a positive result! According to the sales statistic provided by Taiwanese retailers, 90% of Note7 users decide to switch to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. As a result, the sales number of this curved screen flagship has increased so dramatically that Samsung has to speed up the production of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge sales increase – a good news for Samsung

This is such great news for Samsung after the brand has lost 2 or 3 billions USD of capital and up to 40 billions USD of share value. The sales increase of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a living evidence of how important a brand’s customer service is! What is your opinion about this? Do you think Samsung will soon get back to the competition?